Welcome to Mix One Studios, a full service audio production company offering post production and music recording services.

Audio & HD Video Post Production - Mix One Studios' Post Production team creates and captures music, audio and video for film, tv, advertising, video games, educational and digital media. Audio post services include VO Recording, ADR,  ISDN & Source Connect.

Music Recording & Production - Mix One Studios' music production suites A, B and 3 offer excellent recording, tracking and mix options. There's a great selection of microphones and Class A vintage outboard gear in each suite. The suites are excellent sounding, well isolated and acoustically balanced for accurate monitoring. The music suites have comfortable control rooms, mid sized to large performance rooms with isolation booths, studio A is complimented with a grand piano.  All designed and capable to record a wide range of musical genres from hip hop, solo artists and bands, to large groups, ensembles and small orchestras.