Video Post

Post services for HD Video include in-house studio for Video Capture, Sound Stage for Single & Multi Camera Shoots. Mix One Video services are provided by talented experienced professionals for Editorial, Graphics, Digital Imaging, Color Correction and DVD/Blue Ray Authoring.

Color Finishing and HD Mastering: Industry-standard Ultra-HD 2K and 4K conform, color correction and grading, mastered to broadcast, theatrical, and web deliverables.

Image Mastering and Restoration: Optical image stabilization, image enhancement, optimized time-remap, transitions.

Cutting-edge format conversions, HD up-conversion, archival restoration and enhancement from film or tape. Noise/grain reduction.

DVD and BluRay Authoring: For replication and short run duplication.

Pristine mastering and encoding for standard definition and 1080p Bluray formats. Custom interactive menu design - closed captioning - foreign language subtitling - NTSC and PAL - stereo and 5.1 surround. Custom full-color packaging and disc design.

Motion Graphics Animation, Titling, Design and SFX: For TV, film and commercial advertising.

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