Audio Post: Digital sound mixing, sound design, dialog & effects editing for feature, shorts, independent & educational films, programs, TV spots, promos, video events and presentations.

VO Recording: Mix One has years of experience recording VO for TV, Radio, Promos, Narration, Audio Books, Video Games and all forms of Multimedia. Our VO booths are especially designed for the purpose of voice recording, they are well isolated and flat, with a very low noise floor. With a great selection of microphones, studios from LA to London call upon us regularly.

ADR/Looping: Mix One provides ADR & Looping services for feature films, TV spots, documentaries, animation and digital media.

Foley: For film, video, animation or graphics, Mix One offers customized Foley services utilizing Boston's only true Foley Pit. The multi-surface pit stages different floors and trays; from walking on the sand, thrashing through the leaves or splashing in the rain, the variety of footsteps and surface recordings can be changed to suite the scene.

IDSN Services: ISDN is still the industry standard for connecting us to studios around the world for ADR & VO, along with Skype & phone patch options.

Our Mission

At Mix One, we're here to help create vibrant and inspiring results for your project. With the mindset to achieve whatever it takes to push your work to the next level.