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Post Production Equipment List:

2 networked DSP Postation II's with nonlinear video recorders and AVTransfer OMF/AAF Media Station

32 track DSP Postation with nonlinear video recorder and AVTransfer OMF/AAF Media Station

Protools HD 2 with Avid Mojo, 24 fader ProControl, Machine Control, and Digitranslator

Protools HD 1 with "Cedar for Protools" and other audio restoration plugins

SoundMiner and SoundMiner HT SFX database

Sony DVW A500 Digital BetaCam
Sony BVW 75 BetaCam SP
Sony BVW 70 BetaCam SP
Sony BVH 3100 1"
Sony BVU 800 3/4" Umatic
Mitsubishi SVHS

2 Tascam DA-88 8-track recorders
3 Sony 7030 timecode DAT recorders

Sony 5003 1/4" 2 track recorder w/timecode 
Magnatech 10036-4 Mag Film Dubber with JSK 1128 film-to-video synchronizer

Apt-X ISDN network transceiver
Telos Zephyr ISDN network transceiver
3 Gentner Phonepatch telephone interfaces
2 Dolby LM100 Broadcast Loudness Meters
Dorrough Analog and Digital Loudness meters
TC Electronic System 6000
2 TC Electronic M5000
Dolby 569 Dolby Digital Encoder
Dolby 562 Dolby Digital Decoder
Dolby SEU4 Surround Encoder
Dolby SDU4 Surround Decoder